Rally header

Rally the Crew was designed and built by the CodingFTW team to show off the technologies from HPE, Ticketmaster, and AT&T.

Using the Ticketmaster API the app shows the user events they may be interested in.

To help build excitement for the event, HPE’s HAVEN API provides news about the artist or event.

The user can then find other people interested in attending the event to potentially attend with. Users can communicate using AT&T’s WebRTC API.

To demonstrate the value of user data, but also to make sure that personal data is private the uses AT&T’s M2X as a layer that enables the app to expose anonymized data via M2X’s robust data store

Summaries of news were provided by Recognant, and profiles of users were provided by BroadListening.


Event driven.

Find the events you want to attend, follow the artist, and get the latest news about them.

Get psyched.

Track your events and get psyched for the upcoming fun.




Know who is in and out at a glance.